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Online offering through VOD & OTT

Offer your subscribers the best experience through online tv and subscriptions

OTT (Over The Top) is an integral audio and video channel customized for each client and developed for the distribution of audiovisual content over the internet. An OTT powered by Chai Digital is an end to end solution for media and content providers where the user will enjoy the best quality of On Demand Video, always available, and also all the programmes offered on live.

Subscription Video On Demand

It is a channel in which users pay an amount and become subscribers of the content. They choose what they want to see, when and with which device. Netflix is the better known example of SVOD.

Transaction Video On Demand

In this case the user pays only for the specific content that he or she wants to consume so, after the transaction, this piece of content will be available for a period of time. Itunes or Amazon Instant Video are examples of TVOD.
Revenue stream

Advertising Video On Demand

A free video channel that receives revenue from the advertising that is shown before, during and / or after the content. It is a very easy way to monetize the content since advertisers pay to appear on it. Youtube is an example of OTT with AVOD system.
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structure & setup

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Get in touch with us for your project specifications and we will be able to come up with a draft for you. We have currently successful platforms running and our client are happy. Turn around times are very minimum as we have dedicated teams to cater for large scale operations.