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We provide a cloud based solution which makes more sense for the 21st century business. It's easy to manage and monitor on the go with specialist monitoring and easy to use tools.
Today, small & medium sized businesses are not so different from large enterprises. The SMEs face similar complexities as large businesses do, but have limited resources to deal with such complexity. Our ERP addresses some of the fundamental problems of affordability. All necessary modules are covered, customizable and easy to use. Computing requirements are relatively low: One system & one database that allows multiple users to record transactions and extract data, simultaneously.

What is an ERP?

A full featured business management solution thats helps businesses to record all the business transactions in one system. Furthermore, businesses can use it to make informed, fact based, timely decisions & remain ahead of the competition. It serves as the backbone of a business to add strength, transparency and control to a growing enterprise.

Advantages to the business

Our ERP will help you to track all invoices & payments, know what quantity of which product is available in stock, Identify & track your key perfomance indicators (KPI's), Identify open customer queries, Manage payroll, Maintain customer database, supplier and their contacts, prepare qoutes & a lot more.

Centralisation of all business processes in one system

Our ERP is suitable for any kind of business, small or big we got you covered. There is no known limitation or perfomance issues. So far it has scaled well. There are several retail chains in Africa that use the ERP.


Here is the list of industries that we cover and many more based on custom requirements.